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Why Galvanized Steel?
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Galvanized steel has a tough, metallurgically bonded protective coating of zinc.

   Galvanized steel has a tough, metallurgically bonded protective coating of zinc. It is durable, combining long life with minimal maintenance and low whole-of-life cost in a tried and tested corrosion protection system..

    Galvanizing provides proven corrosion protection for a wide range of steel products. These vary from small components and fasteners, to fabricated steel structures and architecturally designed buildings. The key benefits of hot-dip galvanized zinc coating are:

  • Reliability (a thick, complete and easily inspected coating);
  • Dependability (electrochemical cathodic protection for the entire component or structure);
  • Predictability (forecast life based on known corrosion rate of zinc).

    A galvanized finish can be applied rapidly; a full coating can be applied in just hours at off-site facilities, under controlled conditions. The alloy layers of the coating are harder than the steel it protects, and thicker at corners and edges – unlike other coatings.

  Galvanized steel exhibits an attractive finish that is in increasing demand for its low maintenance, UV immune properties and easy integration with other materials.  It also provides a superior foundation for a decorative top coat that provides colour, increased chemical resistance and synergistically extended life. 

    Galvanizing is achieved using naturally-occurring zinc, an element that is vital for human, animal and plant life; it is commonly included in health supplements and fertilizers.  The environmental sustainability of galvanized steel is supported by its capacity for recycling and the extension in service life of coated sections.